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Metro Vancouver-ites Are Satisfied With Their Communities’ Economy



According to a new survey by Justason Market Intelligence, a strong majority of Metro Vancouver residents are satisfied with the economy in their communities. This satisfaction is despite the current North American and world economic uncertainty.


Metro Vancouver is satisfied overall…

The survey of 947 Metro Vancouver residents—commissioned by the Vancouver-based international environmental and social sustainability consulting firm—found 77 per cent are satisfied with the economy in their community overall. Just 23 per cent are dissatisfied.

Satisfied/Dissatisfied with Economy (Overall)

The City of Vancouver has the least number of satisfied resident, with 64 per cent are satisfied, with 36 per cent dissatisfied. Surrey reports a higher rate of satisfaction at 77 per cent. In the rest of Metro Vancouver, excluding Surrey and the City of Vancouver, fully 83 per cent are satisfied.


…but Homelessness is a concern for many

The lower rates of satisfaction in the City of Vancouver can be attributed, in part, to concerns over homelessness., 65 per cent of City of Vancouver residents surveyed report they are dissatisfied with the homelessness situation in their community. This is compared to 44 per cent of Surrey residents. Forty-five per cent of all respondents are dissatisfied with homelessness.

Satisfied/Dissatisfied with Homelessness

Peter ter Weeme, Principal of Junxion Strategy, said his firm commissioned the poll to provide a snapshot that could gauge how Metro Vancouver residents are thinking about social, environmental and economic issues.  According to ter Weene, the study found that, “although Metro Vancouver grapples with some difficult social, economic and other problems, overall, people find it a very special place to live, work and play.”


Your Turn:

What do you think? Has Vancouver remained a special place to live, work and play? Let us know in the comments.



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