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PlaceSpeak recognized as a 2022 Best For The World™ for exceptional impact in Governance

admin July 13, 2022

PlaceSpeak Certified as a B Corporation

admin October 14, 2021

Timeline Feature

admin January 14, 2021

Announcing PlaceSpeak Redesign

admin May 25, 2020

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What is PlaceSpeak?

An overview of PlaceSpeak, its purpose and its features.


Mike Harcourt on PlaceSpeak

The former Premier of British Columbia and Mayor of Vancouver—and recent inductee to the Order of Canada—talks about PlaceSpeak.


Will Cadell, PlaceSpeak’s “CGeO”

PlaceSpeak’s Chief GIS Officer—or CGeO’—Will Cadell, talks about what makes PlaceSpeak unique and important in advancing online public consultation.


PlaceSpeak for the Property Development Industry

PlaceSpeak advances public consultation to a whole new level by enabling evidence-based decision-making by allowing citizens to influence the process in an open, safe, secure and transparent manner.


A Modern Way of Facilitating Engagement

Former BC premier and Vancouver mayor Mike Harcourt talks about the important role that PlaceSpeak plays in facilitating citizen engagement. Mr. Harcourt is the Chair of PlaceSpeak’s Board of Directors.


The Challenge of Regional Planning

Ken Cameron talks about the challenges inherent in regional planning and how PlaceSpeak can help overcome some of the hurdles.


Amplifying Sense of Place

David Vogt is excited about how PlaceSpeak enables residents to amplify their sense of place—and their sense of voice—on their own terms.


How PlaceSpeak Improves Public Consultations

Gordon Price explains how PlaceSpeak can enhance the quality of public consultations by improving communication between everybody involved.


Mike Harcourt on the Urban Futures Survey

Mike Harcourt spoke to City of North Vancouver council on Nov. 14 to ask for support for PlaceSpeak’s upcoming Urban Future Survey of Metro Vancouver residents.


PlaceSpeak as a Consultation Tool

Bob Ransford—a public affairs consultant and urban designer—explains how PlaceSpeak can be used to reach out and engage people who aren’t traditionally involved in public consultations.


PlaceSpeak: Connecting Communities Through Technology

Andrea Wing explains what excites her about PlaceSpeak—namely connecting communities with issues that effect them. Andrea is the founder and CEO of BuskFilms, a video-on-demand site showcasing the best in independent film.


Vision for PlaceSpeak

Colleen Hardwick says her ambition for the platform is ‘power to the people’; but bringing them together with proponents (developers and governments).


Crisis in the Consultation World

Colleen Hardwick asserts that the consultation crisis is really one of confidence of the electorate in their decision makers, in their politicians, and in their bureaucrats.


PlaceSpeak and Participatory Democracy

Colleen Hardwick discusses how public consultation as part of our overall participatory democracy is based on the persuasion of peers—not coercion, nor sneaking behind their backs.


How PlaceSpeak Works

Colleen Hardwick explains how PlaceSpeak works by authenticating people to their residential addresses. This enables authentic online conversations or consultations with proponents of issues.


The Genesis of PlaceSpeak

Colleen Hardwick  talks about how the idea of PlaceSpeak came about.


Colleen Hardwick on PlaceSpeak

Colleen Hardwick explains how PlaceSpeak works. Video by Stephen Hui. The Georgia Straight, May 19, 2011.

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