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Mary Leong Joins PlaceSpeak Team


PlaceSpeak is pleased to announce that Mary Leong has joined the team as the Communications Manager.

maryleongWith over five years of experience in strategic communications and social media, Mary is thrilled to be putting her skills to work as the Communications Manager at PlaceSpeak. From working on Ireland’s marriage equality campaign to volunteering with local non-profits in the Downtown Eastside, Mary is deeply committed to social, environmental, and economic justice. Most recently, she completed her MSc in Politics and Communication at the London School of Economics, focusing on Tumblr and political polarization.

In tackling issues of citizen apathy, such as declining voter turnout and public trust, Mary was attracted to PlaceSpeak’s innovative approach in using verifiable, location-based technology for hyperlocal community consultation and governance.

From community associations to large multinational corporations, PlaceSpeak has the potential to heavily impact the way citizens are asked for input. As the Communications Manager, Mary is excited to help grow the company by visioning and implementing strategies for greater exposure through social media, public outreach, and media relations.

In her spare time, Mary enjoys dog videos set to ’90s hip-hop.

Welcome to the team, Mary!

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