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Marketwire Feature on PlaceSpeak CEO, Colleen Hardwick


Marketwire is a website for small businesses. Each daily, they take the otherwise ordinary and analytical subjects that many of us associate with business and reinvents them through a unique lens.

Today, PlaceSpeak is honoured that their lens focuses on our founder and CEO, Colleen Hardwick!

Here area few excerpts:

Small Spaces: She’s IT

 PlaceSpeak founder and CEO, Colleen Hardwick


Colleen Hardwick wants the neighbourhoods of the world to exercise their civic rights—one tag at a time.

The Vancouver entrepreneur is green-dotting her way across continents and coast-to-coast Canadian locations via PlaceSpeak, an online platform, of which she is founder and CEO, designed to give communities a voice—based on where people live.


Her hypothesis? When agencies, comprised of local government, property developers, public and regulated agencies and community organizations sign up with PlaceSpeak to consult with their respective communities, in effect, they’re able to reach a broader spectrum of people.

This wide range of people-relayed data constitutes hard-evidence in the form of online surveys and discussion-forum responses—at a much greater level, both in numbers and percentages—than that which could be extracted from town-hall meetings, flyer droppings or door-knockings.


Upon returning last month from a TedX event in Belfast, Ireland, one particular talk on the entrepreneurial life got her especially fired up. The speaker was a children’s television producer and he made three points which struck home: “Do some good, make some money and have some fun.”

“I thought ‘right on!’” Hardwick recounts. “The three of those things in combination—there’s some good juju in that!”

She takes solace in the fact she knows she’s doing some good a lot of the time. “I’m not an entrepreneur because I want to make money; I’m more inspired to affect positive change and solve problems.”



You can read the entire article here.



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