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Life in the Time of COVID19


This is an unprecedented time. Public facilities and civic operations have been curtailed or closed. How will the downturn in participation on committees, at Council and at events impact your community? Are you challenged to continue to inform, consult and engage while the world is increasingly social distancing to curtail the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Access to information is as important as the ability to collaborate around key issues and it is vital to integrate online and in person engagement activities. With the current firestorm, social media is not the best solution.

Right now, PlaceSpeak.com empowers groups and organizations to keep people informed and receive valuable, authentic feedback from their communities. People can share their views, perspectives and experiences in a safe, secure and privacy-protected environment in order to make a meaningful impact on the communities where they live, work, and play.

PlaceSpeak offers the ability to access, and build on, a network of connected citizens. It provides a single sign-on for participants that protects individual privacy. Any organization can access PlaceSpeak and deploy a variety of feedback collection tools to collect data, prioritize community solutions and reach consensus online.

PlaceSpeak is a Made in Canada platform that helps build capacity for solutions in health, welfare and economy. Check out PlaceSpeak.com, email or give us a call on 1-844-907-6977 to find out how quickly and efficiently you can reach out to people, keep them informed and receive highly defensible and actionable feedback.

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