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What lies ahead for the existing Pattullo Bridge?


On June 6, 2012, the ‘Friends of Pattullo Bridge, led by Daniel Fontaine, organized a forum in New West on the options for the future of the existing Pattullo Bridge.  A recap is available here.

As part of their ongoing outreach, they also launched an online engagment campaign using PlaceSpeak. From their topic page:

Much discussion has been spent on planning for the new Pattullo Bridge, but one question remains: What can we do with the existing Pattullo Bridge?

If you’ve crossed the aging bridge at any point over the last decade, you’ve probably asked yourself what is going to happen with this vital piece of public infrastructure in the future. It’s a good question that has taken on added importance now that TransLink and the City of New Westminster have started their public consultation about its future.

While most of the discussion has been about what the new bridge will look like and where it will be placed, there has been little talk about what to do with the current structure built in 1937.

Will it simply be torn down like the old Port Mann bridge as part of a renewal process? Or will it serve a new purpose as a carbon-friendly pedestrian/bike way linking downtown New Westminster to Surrey?

The online forum is open to all residents of Metro Vancouver.  You can find out more on the topic page: What lies ahead for the existing Pattullo Bridge?


You can also  invite your friends and neighbours to join the discussion  and share it on Facebook or Twitter.


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