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Introducing Will Cadell, PlaceSpeak’s New CGeO


William Cadell

PlaceSpeak is very pleased to introduce Will Cadell, our new Chief GIS Officer (CGeO).

Will has roamed mountainous places for many years, that’s probably why he is obsessive about mapping.  He has worked with geospatial data in academia, local government, first nations, natural resource management and now he is building geoweb technology for the tech sector.  Will is one of the up-and-coming superstars in the mapping/location field.  In short, Will immerses himself in geographic information.   Quite frankly, he lives and breathes it.  That‘s why PlaceSpeak is so glad to have him on our team.

Will moved from Scotland to Northern British Columbia in 2005 in search of adventure and the big wilderness, he found both. In addition to the landscape and skiing deep powder he discovered an interest in open source web technology. This interest has led him to present at various conferences and build some fun technology.

Will has a Bachelor of Engineering and a Masters of Science in Environmental Remote Sensing, both from Aberdeen University (Scotland).



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