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Announcing PlaceSpeak Redesign

PlaceSpeak is excited to announce the launch of our PlaceSpeak Redesign after undergoing a major user experience upgrade!  In addition to its new streamlined design, PlaceSpeak has also added new functionality to make it quicker and easier to set up and participate in your consultations!  New Interface: The new user interface has been designed for […]

PlaceSpeak is available Free for COVID-19 Response

Where is COVID-19 impacting your local area?  PlaceSpeak can help you understand the “where” aspects of social distancing, shelter in place, and essential services.  Use PlaceSpeak’s map-based toolkit to help rapidly communicate your situation and obtain location-specific feedback to inform your evidence-based decision-making. For free. Get started now: click on Start a Consultation and we […]

Life in the Time of COVID19

This is an unprecedented time. Public facilities and civic operations have been curtailed or closed. How will the downturn in participation on committees, at Council and at events impact your community? Are you challenged to continue to inform, consult and engage while the world is increasingly social distancing to curtail the spread of the coronavirus […]

Gordon Hardwick appointed President of PlaceSpeak

PlaceSpeak Inc., a leading global provider of online public engagement software-as-a-service, is pleased to announce the appointment of Gordon Hardwick as the organization’s next President. Hardwick brings to the position a wealth of knowledge and an array of experiences in the community engagement space on a local, regional, provincial and national level. He assumed this […]

Your Engagement Toolkit: Resources

We’re kicking off this summer with a fresh new series: What’s In Your Engagement Toolkit? In this series, we will showcase a different engagement tool every week. You will learn:  When to use this tool or feature as part of your online engagement Real-life examples and case studies Best practices to maximize participation and meet […]

Five-Minute Founder: Tech That Enables Civic Engagement for Your Local Community

PlaceSpeak Founder and CEO, Colleen Hardwick, was recently featured on the Five-Minute Founder podcast. In this interview, she shares the story of how she started PlaceSpeak and why she later chose to pursue public office. Listen to the interview here: Tech That Enables Civic Engagement for Your Local Community

Why Informing the Public is Crucial to Building Trust

Every year, the Edelman Trust Barometer measures the level of public trust in institutions, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), business, government and media. The level of trust (“trust index”) is defined as the average percentage of trust that a respondent had in institutions “to do what is right”. The 2019 report found a significant correlation between […]

Customer Success: Building and Advocating for Stronger Neighbourhoods

As a pioneering civic network, PlaceSpeak empowers communities to build robust digital networks which are connected to physical places, such as streets neighbourhoods, schools, and more.

The North Saanich Residents’ Association (NSRA) was recently considering ways to heighten engagement with its members and the community at large. Traffic to their website was low, and the popular Council Summaries were still manually sent out via email to registered members. There was no way for members to engage in dialogue with each other online and the membership numbers were not reflective of the size of the population in this rural community.

Customer Success: Online Dialogue on Cannabis Retail Stores

Following the legalization of cannabis in Canada, municipal governments in Ontario could opt out of allowing private cannabis retail stores by passing a resolution prior to January 22, 2019. Municipalities could opt in at a later date, but once they had chosen to opt in, they would not be able to opt out.

The Town of Aurora wanted to hear from residents to determine whether to allow private cannabis retail stores. The Mayor created a Facebook poll on his Page asking whether private cannabis retail stores should be permitted. However, the poll responses were distorted by people who had created additional Facebook accounts to vote multiple times and by people who resided in other municipalities.