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Freeman Arts/Earth Center Receives OurTown Grant


OT Image3We are excited to share that on July 16th the National Endowment for the Arts announced the selection of the City Of Freeman and the Freeman Arts/Earth Center for an Our Town grant of $150,000!

Freeman is using PlaceSpeak as their project website where participants can give their ideas about the proposed center.

The Freeman/Arts Center is a project encountering the challenges of rural revitalization through heritage, the arts and sustainability. The Center will use the $150,000 grant to determine the feasibility of a facility incorporating a producing greenhouse configuration with an Arts center capable of supporting the area’s strong and vibrant arts, heritage, and agricultural traditions.

Our Town is the NEA’s most recent investment in creative placemaking, through which partners from both public and private sectors come together to shape the social, physical, and economic character of an area around arts and cultural activities.

Some quotes from the media release:

“The support of the NEA is immensely important to us. It’s not just the financial support. It is an affirmation that the shared vision of our community is worthy of full  and serious consideration.”

—Dr. John Koch, Project Director of the Freeman Arts/Earth Center

“The Freeman Arts/Earth Center demonstrates the best in creative community development and whose work will have a valuable impact on its community,”

—Jane Chu, National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Chairman

You can read the entire media release on the PlaceSpeak topic page.


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