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Fort St John: Let’s Talk Site Community


Fort St. John mayor Lori Ackerman is saying Let’s Talk Site C again. This time the conversation is about what has been accomplished since the city launched their Let’s Talk Site C community engagement in 2012. Fort St. John has made updates to their Let’s Talk Site C page, including a new discussion topic and a new document titled Let’s Talk Site Community (pdf).

Let's Talk Site Community

 Let’s Talk Site Community

This community update document, created by the City, reflects on the original 11 objectives that community members endorsed in 2012 and provides information on what has been accomplished as a result of the City’s Position Paper and the Environmental Assessment process for each of the objectives.  As well, the document identifies actions the City has taken outside of these processes to prepare for Site C if it is approved.

Regardless of the upcoming decision from the Provincial and Federal Governments on whether Site C will move forward, our community can be confident that we’ve made some good progress having gone through this process. Council’s main objective is to promote and protect our community’s interests and it will continue to be, regardless of what comes at us in the future.

—Fort St. John mayor Lori Ackerman

Fort St John

We appreciate you participating in this topic and helping influence the outcome. If you would like to invite people to this topic please click here.

About Site C

British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (BC Hydro) is proposing the Site C Clean Energy Project(Site C).  If approved, Site C will be the third dam and hydroelectric generating station on the Peace River. It will be located approximately 7 km from the City of Fort St John (City).

The City of Fort St. John will be the municipality most impacted by Site C. If the project is approved, it will not only have short-term impacts on the community during construction, it will alter future life in Fort St. John and the region.

Fort St. John’s Role

The City of Fort St. John neither supports nor opposes the proposed Site C project.

It is Mayor and Council’s first priority to protect and promote the interests of our community.

Council developed a comprehensive statement of the community’s objectives and interests (based on all the input from the community through our Let’s Talk Site C discussions) and presented it in the form of a position paper to BC Hydro. It is our intent that the paper will assist BC Hydro and the decision-makers to identify key areas of concern for the City.

Thanks for joining us in this discussion. 

In 2012 Council asked for community members to help define and develop the interests and objectives to ensure they reflected the needs and desires of our community as a whole. Members of the community reviewed the community briefing paper called Let’s Talk Site C which provided background on the City’s proposed approach and objectives. The results of the community engagement process were compiled and are posted on this page under our resource section.


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