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The Age of the Citizen: All about Disruption


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InformationWeek recently posted an article about Forrester Research’s recent report, The Age of the Citizen: Smart Governments Embrace and Enable Disruption. Forrester Research is an independent technology and market research company that provides advice on existing and potential impact of technology, to its clients and the public.


Truly smart governance leverages the new citizen engagement paradigm with a new or improved source of data directly from constituents and puts that rich data to use.

—Forrester Research

The Forrester report notes that recent trends in smartphones and big data have changed expectations for how we communicate and find information. It notes that government must find better ways to harness these tools to meet citizens’ high expectations for services in this age of unprecedented volumes of data and pervasive mobile connectivity.

The Forrester Report goes on to mention PlaceSpeak in the following passage:

[T]oday’s social media-driven world means agencies at all levels of government must engage with citizens in ways that lead to improved service, data-revealing transparency, and participatory policymaking.  In addition to familiar social media tools, the report outlines applications for conducting online town-hall meetings such as Scytl, MindMixer, and PlaceSpeak.


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