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Final week of ‘Strengthen North Grenville’


This is the final week to participate in the 2014 North Grenville Official Plan Review process on PlaceSpeak by visiting www.placespeak.com/StrengthenNG.

North Grenville

North Grenville, Ontario is using PlaceSpeak as an exciting and creative way to get your comments on ‘hot topics’ as we begin the 2014 Official Plan Review process. PlaceSpeak is an online consultation platform designed to make public participation easier. It connects you with issues in your own neighbourhood and promotes meaningful dialogue. Check out what North Grenville planner Phil Mosher has to say about the platformThe Official Plan determines how their community will grow and develop over time. It serves as a foundation for all policies, regulations, and decisions about land use and development to make sure present and future community needs are met.

Have your say in the North Grenville Community Planning process today.


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