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Federal Election Polls Live!


Here at PlaceSpeak, we’re pioneering a new kind of real-time, geo-authenticated polling. With only five weeks left to the federal election, we’re interested in finding out how Canadians are planning to vote on October 19. In partnership with Rogers Media Inc., polls are now live in six cities: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener and Halifax. Click on the banner for each city to take the poll.


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  1. steph nicolls September 20, 2015

    I just registered. After entering my address etc., a map popped up showing me the boundaries of my neighbourhood. According to PlaceSpeak, I am on the northern-most boundary of a large neighbourhood, that extends to teh Fraser River on the south, Over 50 blocks south of me). I’d like to be able to consider my hood as the hood around me on all sides – north, south, east and west – for 10 blocks in each direction (or whatever the “blocks” required to be the size of a neighbourhood may be). Perhaps I have misunderstood how this works. I would be grateful for some help in this regard.

    1. steph nicolls September 20, 2015

      Apologies! I just submitted a comment asking about the borders of my neighbourhood. I think I misunderstood. The neighbourhood that I am in is Arbutus, from west 16th to west King Ed (not to the Fraser River, as I mistakenly wrote!). Were those the borders of the federal constituency I reside in – and not of the neighbourhood that PlaceSpeak sees me in?

      1. Kevin September 30, 2015

        Hi Steph,

        The borders for the Arbutus Neighbourhood were determined by a mixture of physical barriers (eg. roads), maps used by the real estate profession and consultations with community associations. The federal riding boundaries are separate from our Neighbourhoods feature.

        Hope this helps!

        The PlaceSpeak Team

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