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It’s election season! This November, every municipality in British Columbia—and other regions—will be going to the polls.  As a reader of this blog, you know the importance of engaging citizens and supporting them in the exercise of their democratic rights and responsibilities. Community engagement is a critical aspect of promoting this.

PlaceSpeak’s unique geo-authentication tools can help local governments to engage with voters in the upcoming election. Our platform allows you to connect easily with voters in your area and only your area. This year, PlaceSpeak is making available our premium package FREE to Chief Election Officers during the election period to support their community engagement.

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Why PlaceSpeak?

create-voter-interestKeep Voters informed

PlaceSpeak provides up to date accurate information about your local election.  Use PlaceSpeak’s geo-targeting tools to make sure your community—and only your community—are notified about election happenings.


increase-voter-participationIncrease Voter Participation

PlaceSpeak offers a two-way exchange of information, questions, discussion forums, polls and other creative tools. This helps to  involve and inform your community about the candidates.


centralize_informationCentralize Information

PlaceSpeak  allows you to engage citizens from a shared geographical location and assign team members moderation privileges. It also helps to make sure that all team members are on the same page and effectively interacting with your community.


Read our Municipal Elections White Paper for best practices.

 What Others Think

Building community in Fort St.John is critical to our success. PlaceSpeak has made a meaningful and measurable difference in our capacity to engage our citizens, explore new ideas and generate valuable information for decision makers.

—Lori Ackerman, Mayor, City of Fort St. John – “BC’s Energy Capital”

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PlaceSpeak enables evidence-based decision-making by allowing citizens to influence the process in an open, safe, secure and transparent manner.


If you would like information about PlaceSpeak and how we might  support your election engagement efforts, please visit our Municipal Elections page.


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