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Reminder: Engage the Crowd—Breakfast Workshop on April 19th



Building Better Products, Stronger Companies and Communities through Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing

Understanding the power of the crowd and its ability to solve problems, build stronger market driven products, engage citizens, and fund change as well as start-ups, is necessary in this social media driven world.

Crowdsourcing, although not new, is something organizations as diverse as global brands, startups, social enterprises and governments can use to make things happen with the reach of social media connections.

Ideavibes and PlaceSpeak invite you to an interactive workshop that will cover the following topics:

  • Practical Crowdsourcing: what is it and how can you use it?
  • Social media and its part in engaging and mobilizing crowds.
  • Citizen Engagement through crowdsourcing: successful case studies.
  • How to tap into the conversations that are already going on to make better decisions.
  • Crowdsourcing and Place: mapping the conversations for citizen engagement.
  • What is social product development? How can that help you acquire new customers?
  • Best practices and how to implement in your organization. How to satisfy the skeptics.



Paul Dombowsky,Founder and CEO of Ideavibes

Ideavibes is an Ottawa based startup and makers of the unique Crowd Engagement Platform will help organizations understand how they can tap into the wisdom of their crowd as they create stronger bonds with clients, prospects or citizens and create a brand that encourages open innovation.

Colleen Hardwick (Nystadt), Founder and CEO of PlaceSpeak

PlaceSpeak is a Vancouver based start-up and creators of a location-based community consultation platform designed to promote authentic meaningful dialogue on local issues.



Breakfast and refreshments included.
Date: April 19th, 2012
Time: 8:00 to 10:15am
Place: TidesCanada
Buzzer # 304 – 163 West Hastings St, Vancouver

Cost: $20 includes breakfast.  Purchase tickets here.


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