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Energizing Downtown Fort St. John


The City of Fort St. John has launched their latest online consultation powered by PlaceSpeak.


Energize Downtown

v6xzqv4d23uz9pm28052014Fort St. John is at an important crossroad. The city is rapidly growing, and downtown is key to our growth management strategy. A successful downtown is a community’s most important feature. Downtown is key to improving the quality and livability of our community for current and future residents.

The Process

ENERGIZE DOWNTOWN is “Phase 2” of a community planning process to develop an Action Plan for Downtown Fort St. John. Phase 2 has three steps, shown below.

  1. Share your ideas on the “Downtown Inventory and Analysis” to identify the most important opportunities and challenges for downtown. These ideas will inform concept options.
  2. Provide your feedback on “concept options.” These options will describe what Downtown could be like in the future, highlighting important choices we need to make.
  3. Tell the city what you think about a “preferred concept.” They will refine this preferred concept based on feedback. They’ll develop the Action Plan.

Downtown Action Plan

The Downtown Action Plan will include detailed policies, actions and design guidelines to guide the future public and private development in the Downtown. The Action Plan will be developed in Phase 3. It include development tools and incentives, downtown design guidelines and standards, and detailed policies for action.


Visit the Fort St. John: Energize Downtown topic page to learn more, connect to the topic and get involved!


Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 10.16.45 AM

Ongoing Partnership

This is Fort St John’s third online consultation that is ‘Powered by PlaceSpeak.’ To keep residents informed of all their consultations, the city has set up a specific consultation page on their website, that includes an embedded PlaceSpeak map.


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