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Effective Online Consultation on Home-Sharing & Short-term Rentals

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The rise of AirBnb, HomeAway, VRBO and other similar platforms has brought the pros and cons of home-sharing and short-term rentals (STRs) to the forefront. With revenue from vacation rentals in the United States amounting to $13 billion in 2018, this is not an issue that cities can afford to ignore.

With so many diverse and competing stakeholder interests, the regulation of STRs can be a challenging and controversial issue for local governments. For example, it has been over three years since residents on both sides of the issue in San Diego first petitioned the City on STRs, yet no regulations have been passed. Though several proposals were put to Council in December 2017, local representatives were unable to come to a consensus and pass any of the proposed regulations.

A transparent and shared public dialogue can help prevent gridlock and ensure that policies are enforceable and practical. In this white paper, you will learn:

  1. When consulting online, how can decision-makers ensure that they are hearing from residents within their jurisdiction?
  2. When dealing with controversial issues such as home-sharing, STRs, and housing affordability, how can facilitators or moderators ensure that online dialogue is kept respectful and productive?
  3. How can local governments facilitate a public consultation process with community buy-in and public trust?

Read the white paper on effective online engagement around short-term rentals.

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