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DIACC Publishes PlaceSpeak White Paper on Digital Identity Authentication & Citizen Engagement


TORONTO-March 21,2017 –  The Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC), a non-profit coalition of public and private sector leaders committed to developing a Canadian digital identification and authentication framework, today announced the publication of the innovation white paper, “Digital Identity Authentication and Online Citizen Engagement” by DIACC member PlaceSpeak, an award-winning location-based citizen engagement platform.  

Drawing upon DIACC’s Proof of Concept on Levels of Proof of Residency, this innovation white paper explores how the advance of internet and information communications technology (ICTs) has had a significant impact on the online democratic process, and explains how digital identity authentication and proof of residency are employed to ensure legitimate, defensible engagement. This paper shares the experience and learnings of DIACC Member PlaceSpeak.

Governments and organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of digital identity authentication and verification as imperative tools to safely, securely, and accurately modernize the delivery of goods and services. As citizens become increasingly authenticated, combined with checks and balances to ensure security and privacy, there are countless opportunities to further online democratic participation (e.g. citizen engagement, e-voting, etc.)

“The DIACC neutral forum helps to catalyze market forces to develop Made-for-Canada digital identity and authentication standards and innovations for the benefit all Canadians and for the betterment of the global digital economy. DIACC members have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience help advance this vision.  We’re pleased to share the perspectives of DIACC member PlaceSpeak as a contributor to a diverse and growing marketplace” said Joni Brennan, President of the DIACC.

“We are encouraged that the DIACC recognizes the need to authenticate the online public input process,” said Colleen Hardwick, Founder and CEO of PlaceSpeak. “PlaceSpeak has been a member of DIACC since 2012, and we look forward to working together to advance the concept and practice of legitimate citizen engagement to solve the problem of declining public trust.”

Read the white paper here.


About Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada Innovation White Papers

DIACC innovation white papers explore use cases and experiences that focus on current issues and opportunities in emerging identity markets. DIACC innovation white papers are guided by the DIACC’s ten Digital ID & Authentication ecosystem principles and by the priorities of DIACC members.

DIACC innovation white papers are intended to provide insights to business, legal, and technical general audiences on issues related to digital ID and authentication in Canada and around the world. DIACC innovation papers are not endorsements and do not represent a qualified organization opinion of the DIACC.

About Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC)

Created as a result of the federal government’s Task Force for the Payments System Review, the DIACC is a non-profit coalition of public and private sector leaders committed to developing a Canadian digital identification and authentication framework to enable Canada’s full and secure participation the global digital economy. DIACC members include representatives from both the federal and provincial levels of government as well as private sector leaders.

The DIACC’s objective is to unlock economic opportunities for Canadian consumers, and businesses by providing the framework to develop a robust, secure, scalable and privacy enhancing digital identification and authentication ecosystem that will decrease costs for governments, consumers, and business while improving service delivery and driving GDP growth. To learn more visit www.diacc.ca or follow us on Twitter @mydiacc

About PlaceSpeak

PlaceSpeak is a pioneering location-based citizen engagement platform that solves the problem of how to consult with people online within specific geographical boundaries. Developed with the support of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC-IRAP), PlaceSpeak has expanded across Canada, into the USA, UK and Australia. For more information, please visit http://placespeak.com.


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