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CVRD Liquid Waste Management Planning


Comox Valley Regional District

To protect Baynes Sound and provide effective wastewater management services to residents in the south region, the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is undertaking a Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP). This process will determine the best option for wastewater management and water resource recovery in the area.

In order to address existing wastewater management issues in the area, the CVRD launched the LWMP in May 2014. The LWMP process will take about two years to complete and will guide development of a preferred solution for wastewater management and water resource recovery in the area.

Creating a LWMP for the communities of Royston and Union Bay is the first step in moving towards a new wastewater collection and treatment system in the region. This plan, once complete, will guide project implementation and the long-term operations of the facility.

To determine the best path forward, the CVRD needs your help—visit the PlaceSpeak topic page and share your thoughts, questions and suggestions to help the LWMP deliver a long-term plan for residents and project partners.


Getting Involved

Project Manager Kris LaRose answers questions for an area resident about the liquid waste management plan for the south region

Public consultation  involves a wide array of constituents, special interest and First Nations groups that are in or have interest in the plan area. There will be many opportunities to get involved and learn more about the project. These opportunities will be posted on the PlaceSpeak topic page.

It’s important that we keep residents and stakeholders informed throughout this complex planning process… We hope people continue to provide their comments and ask questions over the next few years so we can be sure we’re identifying the best solution for wastewater management.

—Bruce Jolliffe, CVRD’s director for Baynes Sound-Denman Hornby Islands (Area ‘A’)

The LWMP process is guided by a steering committee and a joint public/technical advisory committee. These groups are made up of representatives of various interest groups, geographic areas, stakeholders, and senior government agencies. The goal is to represent community/stakeholder interests as well as those agencies who can review technical aspects of the project.

Collecting public comment on the options under consideration will be an important part of the liquid waste management planning process. We want to give residents every opportunity to learn more about the process and to provide feedback on what they feel is the most appropriate solution to protect the local environment in the long-term.

—Kris La Rose, CVRD’s manager of liquid waste planning


Overview of the Liquid Waste Management Process

The Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP) process is a common tool used by BC communities that need to plan and design new options for managing liquid waste in their regions. It is designed to allow communities to develop their own solutions for managing liquid waste while meeting provincial regulatory requirements.

The strategy provided in the plan must make sure the management and disposal of liquid waste is sufficiently protective of public health and the environment. Public and stakeholder consultation is a key part of plan development to make sure that multiple interests are considered and the LWMP is supported by the community. An approved LWMP authorizes a local government to go ahead with measures identified in the plan.


About the Comox Valley Regional District

Comox Valley Regional District

The Comox Valley Regional District is a federation of three electoral areas and three municipalities providing sustainable services for residents and visitors to the area. The members of the regional district work collaboratively on services for the benefit of the diverse urban and rural areas of the Comox Valley.

About PlaceSpeak

PlaceSpeak Logo

PlaceSpeak is a location-based community consultation platform. It makes possible online public discussion and information sharing by property owners in the proposed LWMP area. To take part, owners are encouraged to sign up online at: www.placespeak.com/southregionLWMP.


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