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Customer Success: The City of Fort St. John


fsjMany cities and organizations aim to build true engagement with their citizens by consulting on a regular basis and on a variety of topics. Fort St. John in British Columbia is a great example of a city that has experienced success by embracing ongoing online community engagement after seeing positive uptake from their initial consultations (and even an award).

As a PlaceSpeak Enterprise customer they host multiple consultations featuring a diverse range of topics such as budgets, transportation, downtown rejuvenation and spray parks. This strategy has provided several key advantages. When someone connects with one consultation they are notified of others in the area leading to more high quality engagement upon which to base their decision making.

By using PlaceSpeak for each consultation Fort St. John has built a critical mass of authenticated residents with whom they can engage. Now, when they begin a new consultation their promotion efforts do not start from scratch.

“Building community in Fort St. John is critical to our success. PlaceSpeak has made a meaningful and measurable difference in our capacity to engage our citizens, explore new ideas and generate valuable information for decision makers.”

  • Lori Ackerman, Mayor, City of Fort St. John

However, a common question we receive from cities and organisations who want the benefits of ongoing community consultation but haven’t taken the first step is “How do we get started?” Below we track The City of Fort St.John’s journey from first consultation straight through to their present day engagement success.[timeline-express]As one of the earliest adopters of truly legitimate online consultation Fort St John’s efforts have grown as the PlaceSpeak platform has developed. Many organizations identified early on that they have multiple topics that require engagement. If you are interested in hosting a consultation through PlaceSpeak please do get in touch or see how easy it is to set up with our user focused one click DIY topic set up.

Download our Fort St. John case study in pdf format here (502KB).


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