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PlaceSpeak is available Free for COVID-19 Response


Where is COVID-19 impacting your local area? 

PlaceSpeak can help you understand the “where” aspects of social distancing, shelter in place, and essential services.  Use PlaceSpeak’s map-based toolkit to help rapidly communicate your situation and obtain location-specific feedback to inform your evidence-based decision-making. For free.

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Setting up a PlaceSpeak COVID-19 topic page, starts with defining the boundaries of your organization, which might also include boundaries of walk-in medical clinics, neighbourhoods, school catchment areas, policing zones, parks, municipalities or regions. 

PlaceSpeak enables a range of different tools for gathering location-based feedback including: Polls, Surveys, Discussions, place-based commenting and crowdsourcing ideas. In each case you have the knowledge of the location of your participants, but in a privacy-protected way.

The first step is informing people in your area and keeping them informed. Tap into the existing PlaceSpeak civic network of residents in your area, and promote through social media.

PlaceSpeak can help you understand the “where” aspects of social distancing, shelter in place, and essential services.

Unsure how to get started with a COVID-19 Consultation?  Here are some sample activities

  • Noticeboard – invite public to post text, photos, and/or videos of COVID-19 experiences.
  • PlaceIt – ask the public to pinpoint relevant items on the map and leave comments.
  • Poll – example: do you feel secure in your shelter-in-place location?
  • Surveys – ask multiple questions seeking input from residents for reporting purposes.
  • Discussions – lead dialogue using questions and relevant concerns in your area.

COVID-19 presents a new set of public challenges that need to be informed geographically.

Why is PlaceSpeak doing this?

Today, COVID-19 presents a new set public challenges that need to be informed geographically. From the beginning, PlaceSpeak’s mission has been to connect people to place online, making it really possible to engage with relevant authorities in an evidence-based, reportable way.

For this reason, PlaceSpeak is compelled to make its platform and technology available without charge to help those who need to engage with inhabitants within local areas. 

What is PlaceSpeak all about?

PlaceSpeak was created to solve a problem: how to consult with people online within defined geographical boundaries? Originally, its focus was public consultation informing land-use change. Over time, PlaceSpeak has expanded to a wide range of topics; recently to COVID-19.  

Decision-makers need to know that they are hearing from real people, not from bots or trolls, who may be directly or indirectly affected by the proposed project or policy. PlaceSpeak uses unique geo-verification technology that connects participants’ digital identity to their physical location, ensuring that the feedback collected can confidently be used for evidence-based decision-making.

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