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Consult with PlaceSpeak


Consult with PlaceSpeak

PlaceSpeak is the most effective and efficient way to facilitate online consultations. Our online geo-targeting tool gathers instant, accurate, qualified & defensible participant data.

Why PlaceSpeak?

When you need to know what a community needs, wants, thinks or expects, PlaceSpeak informs your decision-making with real-time, geo-accurate data. PlaceSpeak is ideal for location-based consultations, such as:

  • PlaceSpeak LogoCommunity and transportation planning
  • Infrastructure and resource development
  • School, community, parks & recreation
  • Rezoning and development permits

Build trust and demonstrate transparency

Unlike closed panel discussions, email or surveys, PlaceSpeak builds instant trust through dynamic, real-time and transparent dialogue among verified users.

Attract more participants

  • 1k45k2y-attract-more-iconAdminister multiple consultations
  • Embed website topic tools
  • Notify participants via email

Stay safe and secure

  • lhitd1-key-iconEnjoy firewall data protection
  • Align with client privacy policies
  • Privacy by design

Consult the public, 24/7

  • ojtajx-24-7-iconCreate engaging discussion forums anytime
  • Gain better insights via Integrated LimeSurvey and Fluid Survey
  • Poll quickly, easily and accurately

Quick, easy and cost effectiveScreen Shot 2014-08-18 at 11.01.34 AM

  • Reduce costs for physical meeting locations
  • Reduce marketing and consultation collateral costs
  • Analyze data in familiar formats

Analyze data in real-time


  • Generate real-time Google Analytics reports
  • Download discussions, surveys and polls

Get up and running quickly

  • tjm7xo-stopwatch-iconCreate a public consultation in under 30 mins*
  • Easily employ robust engagement and feedback tools

Integrate promotional tools

  • 1ke4727-new-iconAccess PlaceSpeak’s pool of active and verified users
  • Activate social sharing and web widgets
  • Distribute customizable notification emails

Tap into PlaceSpeak’s Geo-Verified user base, and/or invite your own

k1cfbx-head-iconPlaceSpeak connects digital identities to participants’ physical addresses, geo-verifying them so that online consultations can be location-specific. PlaceSpeak also leverages the “network-effect” to encouraging civic engagement, notifying citizens of relevant consultations in their area and providing them with the opportunity to contribute direct, meaningful feedback.

Get started with PlaceSpeak in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Start a topic

Start with your public consultation topic and add the features you want.

Step 2: Map a topic

Map the affected area and determine who can participate geographically.

Step 3: Select tools

Choose the consultation tools you want to use to receive feedback from participants.

Step 4: Engage!

Engage with your participants and report on the outcome of the consultation.

More reasons to like PlaceSpeak

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 11.22.07 AM
PlaceSpeak is packed with the tools you need to get the participant feedback you need:

  • Event tools for offline management and engagement
  • Land-use, community and transportation planning
  • Public facing topic activity views and connected participants
  • Transparent participant requirements
  • Social media feeds embedded into your topic page
  • Keyword tools for better SEO visibility
  • Viewable geographic locations of people connected to your topic

What others think

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 11.26.15 AM

“Building community in Fort St. John is critical to our success. PlaceSpeak has made a meaningful and measurable difference in our capacity to engage our citizens, explore new ideas and generate valuable information for decision makers.”

– Lori Ackerman, Mayor, City of Fort St. John “BC’s Energy Capital


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