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Community Inc. Workshops on June 12&19 and June 21st


Join other community stakeholders for a day of professional development in Richmond BC.

Community Inc. is a conference focused on strategically engaging community stakeholders. It is an interdisciplinary experience that aims to give you new insight into how you can leverage change. The workshops focus on topics such as the role of “Community” in a governance model as well as how we can turn strategic planning into a powerful agent of change.

By attending this workshop you will learn new ways to invite and create animated dialogue using innovative facilitation techniques. It is our hope that the fourth and final workshop of this series will give you the tools to create powerful networks that “Share Leadership” and create sustainable community solutions.

Community Governance

  • Challenge the role of boards to develop  “leaders into action”.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Strengthen relationships through non-traditional strategic planning.

Open Dialogue

  • Learn how to build transformative dialogue using Open Space.

Shared Leadership

  • Enhance performance planning with collaborators and partners.

Delegates will receive a toolkit with worksheets for board dialogue, transformative facilitation  techniques, a blueprint for stakeholder engagement, and a framework to track community impact.


Be part of one of our Richmond BC workshop by registering today at www.communityinc.tk Registration is only $200 for the full workshop!  There are two separate workshop opportunities:

Thursday June 12th & 19th 6pm – 9pm
South Arm Community Centre, Richmond BC

Saturday June 21st 9am – 4pm
Radisson Hotel, Richmond BC


What is Community Inc?

Community Inc. is a metaphor for the idea that people can build solidarity in a community. If we all become interested in the business of Community Inc. then we will work collaboratively to ensure we develop strong social leaders. Social leaders however, often fall into the trap of insularism. How do we get unstuck from our past practices and principled experiences? We may talk the talk of shared leadership, but do we really walk the walk?

The founders of the Community Inc. concept are John Thornburn, Reena Clarkson, and Alex Gaio. Together we have a vision that if we can help Board Members, community champions, and citizens who care develop a deeper connection with the power of shared leadership then together, we can all create stronger communities.

To facilitate this communication of our vision, we have developed a Leadership Conference. The conference is a series of four workshops developed by Building Better Practice. Each workshop is part of a cycle based on principles of community based participatory action research.


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