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CivicMeet Vancouver—November 15



CivicMeet Vancouver is an informal meetup that seeks to connect Vancouver area public and private sector civic innovators working to create a more open, engaged civil society. This is the bi-national launch of an event that has originated in San Francisco and one that we hope will become a regular gathering here in Vancouver.



CivicMeet Vancouver
Date: Thursday, 15 November 2012
Time: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Location: Tap & Barrel, 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver (map)

Please RVSP 


About CivicMeet Vancouver

Vancouver is a hotbed of creative programmers, social entrepreneurs, tech nerds, urban specialists, and engaged artists, architects and designers all focused on city building. Our goal is to bring you together for an evening intended to share knowledge, ask provocative questions and to connect you to a growing community of practitioners.

We’re open to format, but thought it would be good to meet once to harvest ideas from the crowd.

We’re confident that you’ll make new connections and have thoughtful, intelligent exchanges with passionate people.

Let’s get the conversation going. Who knows what amazing things might happen in our region as a result?

CivicMeet Vancouver is on Facebook and Twitter!


CivicMeet Vancouver is being co-hosted by PlaceSpeak‘s Director of Community Engagement and Amanda Gibbs, Principal of Public Assembly, a social innovation company focused on creative and productive public engagement (and a friend of the PlaceSpeak team!)


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