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The City of Terrace is Updating its Official Community Plan – Join the Discussion on PlaceSpeak


UntitledThe City of Terrace recently launched a public consultation on PlaceSpeak and is requesting resident feedback to guide the visioning process for an updated Official Community Plan (OCP).

An OCP is a long range planning document that defines a community vision for development and provides direction on how to achieve it. The objective of the Plan is to enhance the livability of the region by creating a safe place to work, live and play for people of all ages and backgrounds and by offering a full range of urban amenities. This is supported by encouraging development that is socially, fiscally and environmentally sound and sustainable.

The first step in this consultation is to revise the Plan’s current vision statement so that it reflects the community’s current expectations for the City’s development and growth. Madelaine Peters, from the City of Terrace’s Planning Department is looking forward to resident feedback that PlaceSpeak can provide:

“This planning process will include stakeholder and community involvement and consultation through a variety of means. We have included PlaceSpeak as one of our methods of engagement to provide information and communicate with stakeholders and residents of Terrace. PlaceSpeak allows residents to keep in touch for additional upcoming consultation events, learn more about the OCP update process, participate in our online discussion, survey, and photo contest, and to remain engaged throughout the entire planning process by receiving periodic updates as this process evolves.”

Public participation will guide future decision-making and influence how Terrace develops as a City in the years to come. See how you can get involved below!


Get Involved

Interested Terrace residents can get involved by taking a short surveyjoining in a discussion topic, by attending an upcoming event or participating in an exciting photo contest (with prizes)!

For additional information please contact:

Tara Irwin
City Planner

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