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Public Consultation

Citizen-Centered Network Effect


Imagine if you could be notified online of activities in your neighborhood that are relevant to you. Currently, signs are erected, or you receive a flyer in the mail. Wouldn’t it be great if we could be informed according to our preferences, and then give feedback informed by proximity? Consultations would come from different sources—the public or private sector, or from community groups—because that’s the way it works in the real world.

Citizen-Centred Network Effect

An illustration of the ‘citizen-centered network’ effect in a Vancouver neighbourhood.

Up until now this has not been possible.  There has been no way to communicate online with citizens according to their physical address. PlaceSpeak makes this possible.

Our unique platform:

  1. Connects users’ digital identities to the real world through a geo-authentication process;
  2. Transforms the way people are notified of and interact with multiple local issues;
  3. Provides results to inform evidence-based decision-making and policy development.
  4. Enables citizen users to influence the process in an open and transparent way.

This innovative approach to geo-authentication of digital identity makes it possible to connect with people online because of where they live, work and play. Instead of setting up one-off consultations, PlaceSpeak is aggregating participants on our platform, and is able to let them know  of new topics of interest in their vicinity, regardless of the proponents  In other words, we are authenticating citizen users to place so you can weigh in on local issues and affect outcomes by connecting with decision-makers in your neighborhoods. We feel that this approach advances public consultation to a whole new level by creating a ‘citizen-centered network effect.’


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