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New Topic: Chilliwack Official Community Plan Update


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The City of Chilliwack is reviewing the 1998 Official Community Plan and are using PlaceSpeak to ask their residents what they think are the most important issues the city faces as the community grows. There are many ways that residents can get involved:

  • Fill out a survey (starting November 15);
  • Enter the photo or video contest and vote for your favourite photos and videos on the PlaceSpeak notice board;
  • Attend a community event;
  • Join the online discussion; or
  • Email the project team at [email protected].


Official Community Plan Project Background

What is an Official Community Plan?

An Official Community Plan (or OCP) sets out how a community will grow and develop over time. It serves as a foundation for all policies, regulations, and decisions pertaining to land use and developmentto ensure present and future community needs are met – this includes identifying where different types of housing will be located, and planning for schools, parks, public facilities and other service requirements to support the anticipated increase in population, in various areas. The OCP also anticipates the commercial, industrial, growth required to support the community, and places restrictions on lands that are environmentally sensitive or hazardous.


Why is the City of Chilliwack undertaking an OCP Review?

The OCP was developed for an ultimate population of 134,000 people, with provision for a review of the vision and approach to planning for growth and services when the population reached 85,000. With a population close to 83,000, it is now time to review the OCP.  While many of the basic premises of the 1998 Plan remain relevant today, additional content is expected to reflect changing legislative requirements and community expectations.


How was the City of Chilliwack’s OCP developed?

The current OCP was developed under the “Future Plan” label over 20 months (April 1997 to October 1998). 4600 people participated in consultations throughout the plan development process phases: (1) Data Gathering; (2) Development of Alternative Scenarios; (3) Development of the “Favored Direction”; (4) Drafting and Finalization of the Plan; (5) Public Hearings.  To prepare for the consultations, 12 discussion papers were developed, covering key issues and options regarding: (1) Natural Environment & Resources; (2) Urban Land Use; (3) Rural Land Use; (4) Servicing; (5) Transportation; (6) The Economy; (7) Social Considerations; (8) Parks, Open Space, Recreation, Culture & Heritage; (9) Finance; (10) Sense of Communities; (11) Urban Design; and (12) Growth Management.


What Does the City of Chilliwack’s current OCP say?

  1. Empower the community to be actively involved in shaping the future of Chilliwack
  2. Manage growth and development through an urban containment boundary and comprehensive upland development planning
  3. Develop visually enahanced complete communities & inclusive neighbourhoods
  4. Promote a healthy sustainable community
  5. Advocate environmental stewardship through individual and neighbourhood responsibility
  6. Value our Agricultural, Natural, Cultural, and Heritage Resources in decision-making
  7. Stimulate a diverse economy and a revitalized downtown


Key Goals and Actions of the 1998 OCP


OCP Review Process Overview

 OCP Review Timeline

Please invite your friends and neighbours to take part as well!

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