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4 Reasons School Districts Use PlaceSpeak for Parent Engagement

It is known in the education community that parent engagement is one of the single most important factors in helping students succeed in school. Parents, families, and other caring adults provide the primary educational environment for children. The challenge

How Small Communities Use PlaceSpeak for Citizen Engagement

How can PlaceSpeak complement traditional forms of citizen engagement in smaller towns or municipalities? As we continue to grow in small communities across Canada, the United States, and Australia, we find innovative uses of PlaceSpeak ranging from

9 Ways Meaningless Anonymity is Compromising Your Consultation

In online public consultation, meaningless anonymity occurs when participants are offered the opportunity to sign up and contribute with no layer of authentication. It is understandable that participants would prefer to maintain their privacy by not broadcasting their

How PlaceSpeak Aligns with IAP2 Values

The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) is the preeminent international organization advancing the practice of public participation. Its members seek to promote and improve the practice of public participation throughout the world which is why the

6 Strategies for Successful Online Public Engagement

There are many benefits to online engagement: it is accessible 24/7, cost efficient, environmentally-friendly, and has the potential to reach a greater audience than the “usual suspects” who turn up to town hall meetings. Whether you’re pursuing