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Troll Control II: Dealing With Legitimate Critics

  Last week, we looked at 5 tactics to help deal with trolls and other dissenting commenters. Of course not all dissenting commenters are trolls. Some are critics with legitimate issues. In most consultations you will run into critics who have a legitimate issue or problem

Troll Control: How to Deal With Online Attacks

  Online consultations just may be the best way yet to deal directly with the public. But it has a downside. When you engage online, you are vulnerable to attacks by any person or group with an

The Vast Majority of Canadians are Active Online

  Canadians of all ages are world leaders when it comes to internet usage. These data-points show just how engaged Canadians are online.  If anything they underscore the true numbers as most of these data points are already a year

Bringing Public Consultation into the 21st Century

  The Crisis in Public Consultation There is a crisis in the public consultation world. Citizens have lost confidence in public consultations. They feel jaded. They no longer trust their decision makers, whether it be business leaders, politicians,