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Customer Success: Co-Creating Solutions with Citizens

Last week, PlaceSpeak participated in the SFU Centre for Dialogue’s workshop with Valerie Lemmie (Director of Exploratory Research, Kettering Foundation): Citizens and Public Officials: Strategies for Working Together in Democratic and Complementary Ways to Fix

Courses and Resources for Citizen Engagement Professionals

Rapid advances in digital technologies have empowered people to participate and provide feedback in new and different ways. As citizens increasingly expect ongoing engagement with decision-makers, the field of public engagement must be ready to adapt to

Building A Culture of Participation In Your Community

For many people, the extent of their participation in democratic society is turning up to vote every few years (if at all, judging by voter turnout numbers). There is a common perception that public consultations and other

4 Reasons Centralizing Online Community Engagement Increases Effectiveness, Saves Time and Reduces Costs

Each municipality has a different structure and different personnel and job titles handling community engagement. In some municipalities, there is a central person or team who is in charge. However, community engagement is more commonly decentralized, with

Reflecting on PlaceSpeak’s Role in Deliberative Democracy

Anson Ching is a recent UBC graduate (BA’15), specializing in urban geography and political theory for planning processes and democratic innovations. He was a recipient of the Dr. Walter G. Hardwick Scholarship in Urban Studies