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We Shouldn’t (and No Longer Need To) Trade Privacy for Public Input

This is a guest blog post by Tamara Little, founder and owner of Coast Communications and Public Affairs Remember the good old days – a few months ago even – when project proponents and governments thought

No, Your City Can’t be “Smart” Without Citizen Engagement

In a recent piece from our friends at Meeting of the Minds, 4 Strategies to Fix Citizen Engagement, they asked several important questions: “Can a City really be

Civic Networks: The Future of Community Engagement

While the revelations around Cambridge Analytica were startling to many, the truth is that advertising and data mining have always been Facebook’s business model. A recent article in the New Republic highlights that social

What the Cambridge Analytica Scandal Means for Online Citizen Engagement

Recent revelations showed that Cambridge Analytica was able to obtain and use data from 50 million Facebook users to create psychographic profiles. This allowed them to deliver highly targeted and customized political advertising during the 2016 United

Why Your Smart City Strategy Needs to Include Citizen Engagement

Cities worldwide are increasingly turning to Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as sensor networks, smart devices, and meters to collect citizen-generated data. This data is gathered as people go about their day, providing insights and nuance