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Customer Success: Building An Engaged Community in Surrey Schools


“The first step in having your voice be heard is to take responsibility for who you are.” -Jordan Tinney, Superintendent, Surrey Schools

Jordan Tinney was first introduced to PlaceSpeak while serving as Deputy Superintendent for the Vancouver School Board. He piloted Placespeak for their 2012 Sectoral Review process consultation. When Tinney became the Superintendent of Surrey Schools, British Columbia’s largest school district, he brought PlaceSpeak along for one primary reason: its ability to geo-verify participants and facilitate conversations online with families and parents within specific catchment areas.

Surrey Schools first used PlaceSpeak in 2014, starting with a consultation on revising its social media policy. Since then, they have used the platform to engage on a variety of issues from school closures to boundary changes to policy issues. Through their efforts, they have established a base of hundreds of engaged, active participants on PlaceSpeak who are notified of new initiatives and consultations on an ongoing basis. In this video, Tinney discusses how Surrey Schools has used PlaceSpeak to build authentic, genuine dialogue with the community:

Read the Surrey Schools case study here.

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