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2018 Edelman Trust Barometer: “The Battle for Truth”

Every year, the Edelman Trust Barometer measures the trust in institutions (government, business, media and NGOs) across 28 countries. In 2017, the Edelman Trust Barometer found a “global implosion of trust”

Painkillers vs. Vitamins: Two Approaches to Citizen Engagement

“Prevention is better than cure.” In diverse fields ranging from healthcare to public safety to education, leaders have long recognized that the preventative approach is crucial for averting problems before they occur. For example, screening for

Customer Success: Bridging Divides on Controversial Issues

In Elkhart County, Indiana, County Commissioners were seeking public input on a proposed rezoning to build an immigration detention center, which would house up to 1,400 immigrants being held and facing possible deportation.

In Conversation With Mark Klein

Each month, PlaceSpeak presents a Q&A with experts in public engagement and civic technology. This month, we spoke with Dr. Mark Klein, a Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. He received

The Government of Canada wants to hear from Canadians on the Ottawa River watershed

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) has begun a study on the Ottawa River watershed, and it is engaging Canadians on this initiative. The study is in response to Motion M-104—from Member of Parliament, David McGuinty—which was