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PlaceSpeak recognized as a 2022 Best For The World™ for exceptional impact in Governance

admin July 13, 2022

PlaceSpeak Certified as a B Corporation

admin October 14, 2021

Timeline Feature

admin January 14, 2021

Announcing PlaceSpeak Redesign

admin May 25, 2020


PlaceSpeak connects you to your residential address through a simple registration and verification process:

  1. 1. People voluntarily “claim” ownership of their residential addresses on Google Maps through a proprietary multi-step digital identity process by sharing unique information on their address and using technologies such as IP Geolocation and GPS.
  2. 2. Residents are further authenticated by applying a rigorous data resource credential approval system.
  3. 3. Verified users retain complete control over who can access their location profile.
  4. 4. Once verified, people can connect with friends, neighbours and location-based issues raised by PlaceSpeak customers and express their opinions weighted according to proximity.
  5. 5. Play the presentation below for a how it works demo.



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