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admin January 14, 2021

Announcing PlaceSpeak Redesign

admin May 25, 2020

PlaceSpeak is available Free for COVID-19 Response

admin March 30, 2020

Gordon Hardwick appointed President of PlaceSpeak

Admin January 9, 2020


1. Is my address private?

Yes. The only person who sees your address is you. There is an anonymous green dot placed on the PlaceSpeak map.


2. Is joining PlaceSpeak free?



3. Do you sell or share my personal information?

No. We simply verify to an topic proponent that you live within an area determined by them.


4. Can I make my profile completely private within a topic?

Yes. However, if you want to join a discussion you must be visible.


5. How do you prove where I live?

We use a series of protocols to determine that the location you registered with us is your residence. This includes…

– your email
– your home phone
– your mobile phone
– Whitepages.ca

You can learn more about how it works over here.


6. Can I browse the topics just in my neighbourhood or everywhere?

You can browse topic everywhere.


7. I was looking at an topic and wanted to comment but I can’t because I do not live in the outlined area. Who decides who gets to comment on a topic?

Proponents decide whether all PlaceSpeak members or only those within areas can comment. If you want to comment on a topic but are unable to we encourage you to contact the proponent through the contact information provided on their topic page.


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