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  1. Allan Ball November 8, 2015

    Thank you Mary for your thought provoking dive into online consultation. I would agree with your points but in my experience there is a 7th importance factor;

    – establishing a strong and ethical code of conduct underpinned by open disclosure / transparency values. I have found that when there is a disclosure about how members should interact there is very little if not any forms of bullying.

    I would add that choosing the right platform was something of a “try-and-see” moment for my organisation. We were torn between privacy and the freedom of social media. We had to go with a private platform, where we could invite community participation. This ensured there was a level of verification but it meant that once members were hooked there was not an easy process for them to tell their friends.

    Ease of use is something that I can not underestimate. I would encourage any buyer to try and try and try first; before purchase.

  2. Linda Daniels December 22, 2016

    Great tips to make online public engagement a success. I agree that there are many barriers to participation and they must be reduced for better insights. Barriers which are due to language, low literacy rates can be easily abridged with the help of online survey tools like sogosurvey, survey monkey, qualtrics etc. They help to conduct multilingual surveys with decent survey templates, ease of access to add multimedia to question and answer options for improved accessibility. These tools are quite economical, user-friendly and definitely worth a try.


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