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2013 City of New Westminster Budget Survey



New Westminster LogoThis week, the City of New Westminster launched a consultation for the city’s 2013 budget.  They are using PlaceSpeak to gather public input into the priorities and preferences of New Westminster residents and business owners.

The city is asking residents and business owners to provide input into this process by taking time to read the ‘Budgeting for the Future’  document and completing a brief online survey on PlaceSpeak.  There is also a discussion forum for people to post more general comments or questions.

The ‘Budgeting for the Future’ document provides an overview of the kinds of services the City provides; the costs associated with these services; where the money comes from to provide these services; and the challenges and the choices needed to balance the budget for 2013 and beyond.

Photo credit: Dennis Sylvester Hurd, via City of New Westminster

By participating in this consultation, your feedback will help New Westminster Council better understand the services that matter most to you; how to maintain and/or possibly adjust services and programs; and what you believe is an acceptable annual increase in property tax and utility rates. Your comments will help set the financial direction for the City’s 2013-2017 Financial Plan.

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