Know Your Boundaries When You Engage with the Public Online

From city planning to transportation infrastructure, from school districts to resource development, decision-makers across diverse industries need to know that they are hearing from real, relevant people within affected communities.

As part of SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 conference, PlaceSpeak Founder and CEO Colleen Hardwick will be providing a 20 minute demo theater session:  Know Your Boundaries When You Engage with the Public Online.

PlaceSpeak Launches in Dallas, Texas

The City of Dallas’ Planning & Urban Design Department has incorporated PlaceSpeak as part of its Neighborhood Plus city-wide neighborhood revitalization plan. The project aims to engage local residents and a diverse range of community-based stakeholders and partner agencies in shaping the future of each neighborhood.

In Conversation With: Joni Brennan

Each month, PlaceSpeak presents a Q&A with experts in public engagement and civic technology.

This month, we spoke with Joni Brennan, President of the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC). Building upon 15 years of hands-on experience in Identity Access Management innovations and industry standards development, Joni helps the DIACC to fulfill its vision of organizing Canadian market forces to unlock digital identity and authentication (DIA) economic opportunities for all Canadians. Joni builds diplomatic collaboration relationships and formalizes strategic partnerships between organizations.

PlaceSpeak Wins 2017 SAP HANA Innovation Award

PlaceSpeak has been awarded 2nd Place in the Social Hero Category in the Partner Track for the 2017 SAP HANA Innovation Award.

The Social Hero Category recognizes organizations which have made a powerful social or public impact, such as significant improvements in public services. PlaceSpeak was recognized for its work on the new SentiMap feature, which analyzes and spatially visualizes large amounts of online civic engagement text data, such as discussion forum comments.

Building An Engaged Community in Surrey Schools

“The first step in having your voice be heard is to take responsibility for who you are.” -Jordan Tinney, Superintendent, Surrey Schools

Jordan Tinney was first introduced to PlaceSpeak while serving as Deputy Superintendent for the Vancouver School Board. He piloted Placespeak for their 2012 Sectoral Review process consultation. When Tinney became the Superintendent of Surrey Schools, British Columbia’s largest school district, he brought PlaceSpeak along for one primary reason: its ability to geo-verify participants and facilitate conversations online with families and parents within specific catchment areas.