Bots, “dead people” participating in Net Neutrality online consultation

From online ballot-stuffing to trolling, we have previously discussed the many ways that online consultations can be compromised.  The FCC’s consultation on net neutrality has become the latest victim in efforts to undermine and discredit the online citizen engagement process.

Net neutrality is the principle which states that internet service providers (ISPs), such as Verizon, AT&T, or Comcast, must treat all data the same. To put it plainly, ISPs cannot charge customers more for access or faster connections to certain content or websites. This principle has been crucial to ensuring free and equal access to information online.

Measuring Success in Online Citizen Engagement

How do you quantify success in citizen engagement? Too often, the response to this challenging question is reduced to an arbitrary number of participants. Metrics such as the number of surveys taken or page views achieved are tangible and easy to understand. While practitioners increasingly understand that numbers don’t necessarily reflect a genuine, in-depth process, many still rely on them to validate the quality of their engagement.

When participation numbers are solely used to determine the efficacy or effectiveness of the engagement process, other crucial elements may be ignored. Here are some other aspects to consider when measuring success in your citizen engagement processes.

In Conversation With: George Polisner

Each month, PlaceSpeak presents a Q&A with experts in public engagement and civic technology.

This month, we spoke with George A. Polisner, the founder of the non-profit – a privacy-protected social network built for civic activism. Prior to founding George worked in product development, performance engineering, service design and management at Oracle Corp, Dell, HP and at the Legislative Counsel for the State of California. He also serves on the Board of Peace Action and produces a socio-economic and political program for community radio in Lincoln County, Oregon. In 2016, George wrote an open letter resigning from Oracle after its CEO, Safra Catz, joined Donald Trump’s transition team and expressed support for the president-elect.

Know Your Boundaries When You Engage with the Public Online

From city planning to transportation infrastructure, from school districts to resource development, decision-makers across diverse industries need to know that they are hearing from real, relevant people within affected communities.

As part of SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 conference, PlaceSpeak Founder and CEO Colleen Hardwick will be providing a 20 minute demo theater session:  Know Your Boundaries When You Engage with the Public Online.

PlaceSpeak Launches in Dallas, Texas

The City of Dallas’ Planning & Urban Design Department has incorporated PlaceSpeak as part of its Neighborhood Plus city-wide neighborhood revitalization plan. The project aims to engage local residents and a diverse range of community-based stakeholders and partner agencies in shaping the future of each neighborhood.