17 Aug

New French Platform Translation

PlaceSpeak is the most accessible and user friendly way to engage in legitimate online consultation and community engagement. Today we are taking this a step further by introducing a full French translation of the platform meaning you can now hold consultations in both of Canada’s official languages.
This translation is completed by a native French speaker to provide a more reliable, higher quality translation than Google provides. This ensures that users have the friendliest, most intuitive experience possible when using the PlaceSpeak platform, a goal that is at the core of everything we do.

French Translation



If you have a language you would like us to introduce next please let us know in the comments.

13 Aug

8 Factors to Consider when Choosing Online Community Engagement Software


Selecting the right community engagement software for your consultation or project is an important decision. In the same way that location and time can dramatically impact your offline engagement so can your choice of platform for online engagement success. Ideally the right selection will help achieve the highest possible engagement, ensure you are communicating with the right people and overall save you a lot of time. The decision can mean the difference between a couple of anonymous signups and a thriving and engaging discussion with legitimate, quality and relevant feedback.

This post digs into the key considerations for selecting a platform that meets your needs. You will learn the different factors to consider, the key features you should know about and the right questions to ask so that you can make the best decision possible. You should also have a clearer understanding of your priorities. To further assist with the process we have also prepared a free downloadable checklist of the 19 questions to ask yourself when researching community engagement software platforms.

What you will learn in the blog post

  • How to successfully evaluate online community engagement software
  • What features and functionality contribute to a successful consultation
  • How to identify the relevant tools for your engagement/consultation

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