PlaceSpeak wins Geospatial Excellence Award at the Geospatial World Awards

PlaceSpeak has won the Geospatial Excellence Award in the Infrastructure category from Geospatial World for its work on the Whitehorse Corridor/Alaska Highway Improvement Project.

The Geospatial Excellence Awards are conferred for exemplary usage of geospatial tools in various fields (Governance, Infrastructure, Public safety, Utilities, Design and Engineering, Environment, Agriculture, Mining and Exploration, Transportation management, Business Intelligence, Insurance, Disaster Management).

PlaceSpeak Featured As IDC Innovator for Location-Based Smart City Civic Engagement Tools

PlaceSpeak is honoured to be featured in IDC Innovators: Location-Based Smart City Civic Engagement Tools, April 2016. IDC Innovators are emerging vendors with revenue under $50 million that have demonstrated either a groundbreaking business model, an innovative new technology, or both.

From astroturfing to ballot stuffing: how your consultation could be compromised

We have written extensively on how anonymity compromises the quality and legitimacy of your consultation data. In a recent blog post for ELGL, we even highlighted some stories around anonymous online public consultation gone wrong. Those who have not experienced the downsides first-hand may still question whether anyone out there is trying to disrupt your citizen engagement exercise.

The reality is that a whole language has emerged to describe the various techniques used by those who aim to undermine online democratic practices. From ballot stuffing to sock puppets, these techniques rely on the veil of anonymity to operate.

This post  identifies and defines the different terminology used to describe those disruptive behaviours that can damage your online engagement. To understand how you can combat such activities, please read our article on why authentication and privacy, rather than anonymity, should be core to your engagement toolkit.

In Conversation With Kent Wyatt

Each month, PlaceSpeak presents a Q&A with experts in urbanism, public engagement, and civic technology.

This month, we chatted with Kent Wyatt, co-founder of Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) and a senior management analyst for the City of Tigard, OR. He believes that telling stories about people, ideas, trends and approaches in local government is the best way to make a positive difference.

Ken Hardie becomes first MP in Canada to use PlaceSpeak for online citizen engagement

Ahead of his Fleetwood-Port Kells constituency office open house on Thursday, April 27, Liberal MP Ken Hardie launched a discussion on PlaceSpeak to engage with his constituents in the Surrey riding. By adopting PlaceSpeak, Hardie becomes the first MP in Canada to use the innovative online citizen engagement platform.

Vancouver-based civic technology startup PlaceSpeak facilitates open and transparent dialogue between residents and government, while protecting individual privacy. This innovative location­-based platform renders feedback gathered online legitimate, defensible, and actionable.

Hardie hopes that by connecting with his constituents on PlaceSpeak, he will be better able to address their concerns and represent the views of the community.