29 Jun

New Demo Topic System

Making and buying PlaceSpeak topic pages is easier than ever. Now, you can make demo topic pages without an account, and you can upgrade them to full topic pages easily.

Making a Demo Topic Page

To make a new topic page, you can click the “Start a consultation” button in header bar of the PlaceSpeak website.

Start Button

After this, if you have already made a demo topic page, the Pick a Topic page will let you choose to visit an old topic page or make a new one. Otherwise, you will go immediately to your new page.

Welcome Message

When you make a new demo topic page, a new message welcomes you. When you close the message, an arrow directs you to the Edit Topic button.

Edit Topic Arrow

If you click the button, you go to the topic page editor. With this editor, you can play with PlaceSpeak’s consultation features.

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