06 Nov

2015 Canadian Federal Election Polling Roundup

On November 4, we presented the results of our real-time Vancouver/Lower Mainland federal election poll at Open Data BC‘s #elxn42 roundup event. Over the course of two months, over 570 people participated in the poll, and left over 260 comments on hot-button issues such as the economy, the environment, housing, public safety, and more.

Here are some of the highlights:

Accurate predictions

In total, we polled 26 ridings across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Amongst the 12 ridings with the greatest number of poll respondents, we correctly predicted the outcome of 11 ridings. PlaceSpeak’s ability to collect verifiable information regarding voter intention across ridings proved to be an effective method for gauging public opinion at a hyper-local level.


The most amazing part? It cost us absolutely nothing, compared to traditional polling which can cost up to thousands of dollars.

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30 Oct

Disruptive Innovation Festival 2015

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s global Disruptive Innovation Festival is a three­-week online event that brings together entrepreneurs, designers, industry, makers, learners and doers to explore and respond to the changing economy.

As PlaceSpeak continues to revolutionize the way cities, governments and organisations engage and consult online our CEO, Colleen Hardwick has been invited to join a panel discussion entitled ‘Social Innovation in City Building’. Colleen will be joined by Andrew Petter, President of Simon Fraser University and Darryl Condon, a Partner at HCMA Architecture + Design.


From Greenpeace to the 100-mile diet, Vancouver has long been a source for disruptive social innovation. This is particularly true in the realm of city-building, where the city’s most enviable and enduring innovations are recognized, globally, as “Vancouverisms.”

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